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artless appointment gallery presents Kaleidoscope, a joint exhibition between illustrator and photographer, Jody Asano, and nail artist and art director, Hana4.

Asian-American artist, Asano, and Japanese nail artist, Hana4, come together featuring work undoubtedly influenced by their gender and different cultural upbringing. Asano presents colorful new collages specifically created for this exhibition along with select pieces produced in the last year. Hana4 exhibits her elaborate line drawings that have won her a legion of fans. They are also be unveiling their first collaborative piece, hoping this will lead to more creative partnerships in the future.

Original work and limited edition prints will be available for purchase. Come visit the gallery to experience the kaleidoscope of work created by Jody Asano + Hana4.

workshop: 7.8 sun
talk event: 7.25 wed

A hands-on workshop and talk event by Jody Asano + Hana4 will be held at the gallery. Details will be posted on our website as they become available.


artists’ message
The sparkles that scatter the world are the same sparkle that amass during our lifetime. The blinding glow of love, the sharp glint of pain and sorrow, the twinkle that friendships inspire, and our desire to shine, regardless of our age. Like a kaleidoscope, all these parts make up our beautiful, complicated, and ever-changing lives.




artist profile
Jody Asano

illustrator / photographer
Jody Asano is a multi-disciplinary artist raised in Los Angeles and newly based in Tokyo. She attended New York University and studied Photography at Art Center College of Design. Originally based in New York and Los Angeles, she has photographed portraits and fashion for many influential publications. In 2013, she broadened her visual repertoire to include illustration. She is known for her quirky paintings of girls and women.
Website :
Instagram : @jodyasanostudio

nail artist / art director
Hana4 is a globally prolific nail artist who has captured the hearts of the beauty industry with her delicate line work and unique use of color. She continually collaborates on various projects and most recently, has expanded her activities to include creative direction for spatial design.
Website :
Instagram : @hana4

この度 artless appointment galleryは、イラストレーター・フォトグラファーとして幅広く活躍するJody Asano、繊細で美しい作品が話題のネイルアーティスト・アートディレクターHana4による二人展『 Kaleidoscope 』を6月15日から8 月5日まで開催いたします。

本エキシビションでは、「 Jody Asano + Hana4 」ユニットとして初となるコラボレーション作品を会場にて展示・販売し、期間中には共同ワークショップとトークイベントを予定しております。

アメリカ育ちの日本在住アーティストJody Asanoと日本で生まれ育ちながらもグローバルな感性をもつアーティストHana4。それぞれの視点でタイトルの『 Kaleidoscope 』をコラージュなどさまざまな手法で表現いたします。加えてJody Asanoのイラストレーション作品、Hana4のドローイング作品など、新作を含む作品の原画およびそのエディションの販売を行います。


ワークショップ: 7.8 sun
トークイベント: 7.25 wed

Jody AsanoとHana4クリエイター本人が在廊してのワークショップとトークイベントを予定しています。詳細は決まり次第、こちらのページにてご案内いたします。


『 Kaleidoscope 』 by Jody Asano + Hana4



artist profile
Jody Asano
illustrator / photographer
New York University, Art Center College of Designで学び、NY, LA 東京を拠点にフォトグラファーとして幅広く活動。2013年よりイラストレーターとしての活動を開始。
Website :
Instagram : @jodyasanostudio


nail artist / art director
Website :
Instagram : @hana4

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